Friday, February 9, 2007

  • Give an honest compliment to 5 people you meet today.
  • Every night, for a week, write down 10 things that you are thankful for that happened during the day. Photocopy this list and give to random people at the mall. Inspire gratitude :)
  • Share a book.
  • Make encouraging bookmarks and leave them inside books of a public library.
  • Email someone you admire and tell him/her why.
  • Write a letter to your public official and express your suggestions for the community.
  • Write little notes of thanks and give them to waiters at random fast food chains.
  • Cook a meal for your family.
  • Make a really good sandwich and give it to a street vendor.
  • Buy flowers for your mom.
  • Buy flowers for your dad.

· Edit a short paper for free.

· Sing at a birthday party

· Hang the laundry.

· Conduct a storytelling session for a kid/for kids.

· Go grocery shopping for someone.

· Take someone's picture. It could be a snapshot or something more artistic.

· Serenade someone.

· Walk someone's pet.

· Wash a car.

· Wash the dishes for a day.

· Paint someone's nails.

· Give a friend or a relative a massage.

· Babysit.

· Send a package through snail mail.

· Set someone's table.

· Sort files.

· Shred files.

· Photocopy files.

· Clean someone's living room.

· Wipe someone's windows

· Lessen/ avoid using straws when eating out.

· Set up a Free Hugs Campaign.

· Say thank you to your maids, security guard, parking boy, garbage collectors, etc

· Shine someone's shoes.

· Make a soundtrack for a friend.

· Organize a friend's closet.

· Water the plants.

· Organize a friend's Cd collection.

· Entertain: Amaze a child, amuse a friend.

· Pass the message: Look for a 'good news' story to tell.

· Leave notes of encouragement.

· Leave packs of chewing gum on the desk of someone trying to quit smoking.

· Offer the mailman or the newspaper boy an ice cold drink on a hot day as a way of saying thanks.

· Volunteer at an orphanage.

· Plant a tree.

· Give a kind smile to a stranger.

· Ask a street kid his name and how old he is.

· Donate old books.

· Teach someone a skill that you know.